Wednesday, 28 September 2011


A bit of a delay in posting but on Friday last week I finished updating everyone in Final Fire Pro Wrestling! New costumes, move sets, logics, stats etc.I've also spent a few hours testing and ensuring it's all working. I will be posting the new patch after I've finished testing. 

One glitch I've found is in Goldberg's "Press Slam" counter to a running opponent. Whipping them towards the top-right set of ropes and hitting the move causes it to glitch in the animation. Has anyone else experianced this or is it exclusive to my patch? I'll make sure it's fixed before I released anything because I did start messing with move animations, I didn't think I'd saved anything though.

I've also fixed a few translation bugs and I'm debating if I should change much in MOR stats. Any opinions? Also any suggestions for new costumes or translations?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Moving on...

Not from Fire Pro, just moving house. Today is the big day, I'm moving in to my new house with the Mrs. I'm literally sitting by the phone waiting for the estate agent to call and say we can have the keys. Sigh! I've learnt several things from the whole experience:

  1. If you are renting, make sure the landlord has put your deposit in a protection scheme and not just left it in his savings account. (We did get it back by the way!)
  2. Solicitors are inept. My solicitor has lost anything I've sent them, forgotten that we couldn't move in until September and she kept calling me the wrong name. Also she was a totally rude wanker.
  3. If you're buying a house with someone that has bipolar disorder/depression, be prepared for them to change their mind about the house on a daily basis.
  4. People are, on the whole, lazy. If it does effect them immediately, nothing will motivate them to do it. Not even money!
Griping over.

I'll be spending the remainder of the waiting time to work on Fire Pro. I'm hoping to release something before the end of October.