Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Re-Upped Patch and Small Update

Evening all. 
It's been a few months so I thought I'd update (Plus I had a comment so...).

Anyway, most importantly a link to the patch for non-FPC'ers. I've only included the complete patch (Translation, Costumes, other updates etc.) and it's available from:

FFPW - Patch 18 December 2011

I've also included the save containing wrestlers from every portable FPW game. Use it if you fancy!

In terms of updates, I've not got much to report but I do want to organise and update costumes and of course the save so that it reflects 2012.

As always I would love feedback/suggestions. Just leave them in the comments!

I've not really made much progress with the saves that I haven't already shared. I've been stuck to the 3DS (Up for Friend Code exchange if anyone else plays it!).