Friday, 23 December 2011

Robin Sparrow

Just watched 23. Why would you call your son "Robin Sparrow"? Also, I've written a similar book about Fire Pro, it lists every error in my translation since I started. My error messages and doodles of me as a cowboy haven't got me locked away but I do like to hide this book...

I'm working on two saves, I've changed the Complete Portable one so that it only has A, 2 and WS wrestlers in. I've also created the appearances for every Official Spike edit for FPD, I'm working through logic and the rest. I also mucked about with other things. I made a few Marvel, He-man and Street Fighter edits. Nothing I like but I've managed to make stuff I've not before. I made an awesome Hordak and an all right Spiderman, considering the restrictions of Edit Mode in FFPW.

I'm playing Management of the Ring once again as my own promotion. I'm running SWA as a hardcore promotion, the roster is essentially I hybrid of FMW and ECW circa the mid 90's. I stole Foley and Awesome from WWE and also hi-jacked the TNA title. My only problem is that I keep getting hassled by K-1 for a versus show, I know they will hammer me! 

Monday, 19 December 2011

Final Fire Pro Anthology Saves

After my most recent patch, I've decided to throw myself in to saves and edits again. One of my goals was to port every single wrestler ever to appear in Fire Pro to FFPW. Obviously there is a limit of edit slots that will hinder this but I was thinking of splitting the project in to several saves:

Human Save: 1989 - 1994
Human Save: 1995 - 1999
Human Save: Fire Pro G
Human Save: Joshi Pro (All Joshi games)
Spike Save: Portable (WonderSwan, Fire Pro A, 2 and Final)
Spike Save: Fire Pro D
Spike Save: Fire Pro D - Official Edits
Spike Save: Fire Pro Z
Spike Save: Fire Pro R (I don't know how many saves this will be made of but a fair few)

It's going to take a fair while to put it together but it's something I've wanted to do since I found the Fire Pro Wrestling Complete. The obvious start for me is the portable save, I just need to tidy up the one I give away with the patch. 

I'm also doing similar with R, I'm making slow progress because me and the Mrs are currently fighting for the TV (Bought Skyrim last week :P). Anyway, I'll keep you all posted, any suggestions or ideas, please let me know.

I'm also still keen to accept edit requests. If anyone has any, please post them here or PM on FPC.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Fire Pro Completed!

I've just finished MOR as Dragon Gate to get the Lucha star so everything is now unlocked in the "Official" save. I've also released new versions of the patch and save. They're available on FPC and here!

More saves to come very soon!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Typo Woes

Just a few updates. I've corrected two typos related to merchandise in the MOR mode. I've not released the patch yet but I'm looking to add some fancy extras too. I'll post it ASAP.

I'm almost finished with my King's Road playthrough on MOR. I'll release a fixed save with the patch.

Friday, 25 November 2011

More MOR

Hi all!

I've been off of editing for a few weeks (Other than a translation-only version of the patch that is) and am missing it. My plan/suggestion is new MOR patches! What I would like to do is change MOR so that it reflects a certain time or scenario. I'll create a template (Below) and you guys can send me any MOR suggestions in this template, I'll then create them as best I can.

Send them to me at

MOR Template

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

25th October 2011 Update

Hi all,

Just a link to my most recent patch and save. Please let me know if there are any suggestions, recommendations or questions.

All the best,


FFPW Patch - 25/10/2011

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Back on the 'net

Well it's been a few weeks for me without the Internet and it turns out keeping this blog has kept me focused on Fire Pro. I've written at least 10 entries in the last few weeks that I couldn't post because the blogger app I have is poo so I'll get all two of my followers up to speed...

First of all, I moved in to my new house at the start of September. It's near enough the opposite side of town but it was still a pain to drive. I'm closer to work and my gym now so that's all good. I no longer live in a basement looking out in to a possible Fallout 3 location. The house needs some care but we got out the old person smell (I'm certain someone has died here in the last 5 years). Three days after moving in I was back at work... sigh!

I focused a lot on cleaning up Fire Pro during September. I bought myself a nice little "Sonic the Hedgehog" notebook to write in to remind myself what I need to fix and do. My biggest problem was the glitched animation stuff with the press slam. This is all fixed now. I've also switched around costumes and made a couple of other minor changes. I hope to have a patch out as soon as I've fixed this dodgy leg stuff (See the Portable forum on FPC).

I spent some free time in October play testing. Very unlike me as I would normally just release the patch and hope for the best. This allowed me to fix additional bits and add to my notebook. I wonder how full my notebook would be if I'd kept one from the start? It would probably be full of cartoon pictures of Stan Hansen lariating my PGCE tutor...

I've also got back in to watching wrestling again. Between translating a wrestling game and being a pro-wrestler, you I found I stopped enjoying watching wrestling so much. This month I re-watched the IWA King of the Deathmatch, Best of Kenta Kobashi and disc two of the Tiger Mask collection. IWA was fun. The first time I watched it I was 16 and had just started looking outside WWE and WCW for stuff to watch. I bought a VHS off of eBay for about £3 and watched the thing in one sitting with a pack of beef jerky (This is a luxury in England as it is usually about £3 a bag!). I watched the Tiger Mask DVD as I'd bought it weeks before Misawa passed away and hadn't touched in since.

In other news I've been dead lifting like mad since August. My goal was to hit 200kgs before the end of October, that's about 441lbs or one Rikishi Phatu, or two and a half Rey Mysterio Jr's. Between moving, flu and a few weeks on full body training I don't think I'll make it. At my best I got to 180kgs for 5 reps. No one dead lifts in my gym really and I think it's an awesome exercise. A power lifter helped me tidy up my technique a few years back so hopefully I don't screw my back up.

Back to Fire Pro. My most recent projects have been trying to complete Management of the Ring with a created promotion, not an easy task. I've also started playing with FPR again. I downloaded a few awesome packs a while ago but I may realise my dream of creating a Fire Pro save that contains everyone from every Fire Pro game ever. In terms of stuff I may actually do, I'm going to start working a logos again. No promises but if anyone would like to help, please let me know.

All the best,


Monday, 3 October 2011


This weekend I've just completed fixing the "Press Slam" animation glitch. I had to start with a clean ROM, replace all of the wrestler, MOR, translation data and any images, making sure to update the pointers. The file size has returned to it's full 16Mb so you may need a clear ROM to run the newest patch when I release it.
I'm still doing a bit of play testing. I'm hoping to find the last Japanese-text screens and translate those. Screenshots to come!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


A bit of a delay in posting but on Friday last week I finished updating everyone in Final Fire Pro Wrestling! New costumes, move sets, logics, stats etc.I've also spent a few hours testing and ensuring it's all working. I will be posting the new patch after I've finished testing. 

One glitch I've found is in Goldberg's "Press Slam" counter to a running opponent. Whipping them towards the top-right set of ropes and hitting the move causes it to glitch in the animation. Has anyone else experianced this or is it exclusive to my patch? I'll make sure it's fixed before I released anything because I did start messing with move animations, I didn't think I'd saved anything though.

I've also fixed a few translation bugs and I'm debating if I should change much in MOR stats. Any opinions? Also any suggestions for new costumes or translations?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Moving on...

Not from Fire Pro, just moving house. Today is the big day, I'm moving in to my new house with the Mrs. I'm literally sitting by the phone waiting for the estate agent to call and say we can have the keys. Sigh! I've learnt several things from the whole experience:

  1. If you are renting, make sure the landlord has put your deposit in a protection scheme and not just left it in his savings account. (We did get it back by the way!)
  2. Solicitors are inept. My solicitor has lost anything I've sent them, forgotten that we couldn't move in until September and she kept calling me the wrong name. Also she was a totally rude wanker.
  3. If you're buying a house with someone that has bipolar disorder/depression, be prepared for them to change their mind about the house on a daily basis.
  4. People are, on the whole, lazy. If it does effect them immediately, nothing will motivate them to do it. Not even money!
Griping over.

I'll be spending the remainder of the waiting time to work on Fire Pro. I'm hoping to release something before the end of October.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Updating the Crew (Part 2)

Officially 20% of the way through. I've been working methodically, promotion by promotion, the get them updated. If anyone is interested in my goals:

  • Each wrestler will be completely updated
  • If the wrestler is active, their first attire will be their most recent followed by other their bigger gimmicks or looks for the remaining attires
  • If the wrestler is inactive, their first attire will be their most recognisable (e.g. Hogan in trunks) with other costumes left for his other gimmicks
  • Each wrestler will be updated in MOR
  • Rosters in MOR and Exhibition will stay the same
Also a few translation changes have been made.

I've also drawn up a WWE vs WCW MOR. If anyone wants to have a look and suggest changes or champions, please do. Download the XLS file here!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Updating the Crew (Part 1)

I've come to the conclusion that updating the logic, stats, move sets and skills needs to be done methodically rather than me picking wrestlers at random. I've decided to create a save for every 42 wrestlers in the game, create updated versions of each wrestler and then put them in to the game. At the moment the plan is just to update the performance of each wrestler, however I'm sure there will be costume changes once this is done. The first 42 are:

  • Tatsumi Fujinami
  • Kensuke Sasaki
  • Shin'ya Hashimoto
  • Keiji Mutoh
  • Manabu Nakanishi
  • Yuji Nagata
  • Shiro Koshinaka
  • Takashi Iizuka
  • Osamu Nishimura
  • Yutaka Yoshie
  • Tadao Yasuda
  • Junji Hirata
  • Kengo Kimura
  • Osamu Kido
  • Akitoshi Saito
  • Jushin Liger
  • Koji Kanemoto
  • Shinjiro Ohtani
  • Kendo KaShin
  • El Samurai
  • Tatsuhito Takaiwa
  • Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • Antonio Inoki
  • Riki Chosu
  • Masa Saito
  • Kazuo Yamakazi
  • Jim Steele
  • Tiger Mask
  • Koutetsu Yamamoto
  • Dynamite Kid
  • Masahiro Chono
  • Hiroyoshi Tenzan
  • Satoshi Kojima
  • Hiro Saito
  • Don Frye
  • Scott Norton
  • Jeff Farmer
  • Tatsutoshi Gotoh
  • Michiyoshi Ohara
  • Toshiaki Kawada
  • Genichiro Tenryu

My final thought for today. Osamu "Tachihikari" Kawaha. Why is he in the game? He's not really done anything worth noting. He appeared in WAR, BattlArts, BJPW, PRIDE, DEEP and some other MMA promotions. I haven't seen anything of him other than his match with Goodridge in PRIDE and his match with Canek. He was trained by Tenryu too. Anyone know why he was even included in the game? 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Onwards and Upwards

I'm working on the default move sets and logic for FFPW. I've noticed that a lot of wrestlers have incorrect finishers. In some cases I can swap a special for a finish and vice versa, in others, I'm developing new move sets with logic. The likes of Inoki have had a tweaking whilst the "rookies" of that day have had a complete overhaul. It's a fun project and I'm hoping to have some stuff out soon.
I'm also updating the translation, I'm basing a lot of stuff on FPR for two reasons:
  • FPR is the most recent
  • Most FP'ers play R and it will be useful if there is parity
I am also doing some localisation (Side note, I like how "Localisation" would be localised from US to UK :P) mostly changing "Brainbuster" to "Suplex".

Just damaged my knee with a poor moonsault. Hopefully nothing huge but I can't put much weight on it. Maybe a trip to the Dr? Also, drove my opponent to A&E after his manager turned on him and split him open with a steel chair. Who said kayfabe was dead?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Moving on...

I'm enjoying these puns. Anyway...

I'm currently updating move sets for the patch. Inoki, KENSO and Ultimo Dragon are amongst those to have their moves sorted. I'm also help out with cactusj00's (AWESOME) WWE vs TNA. I won't divulge any details... If you've not seen it yet LOOK HERE! You would be one crazy fool not to give it a go. Senior j00 has put a lot of time and effort in.

I'm TOTALLY in to Retro Game Challenge on the NDS at the moment. Basically, the Game Master Arino has sent you in to the past to complete retro game challenges with him as a child (Bizarre!). The retro games are all loosely based on real games from the 80's. You also get a GameFan magazine every few challenges that has cheats and hints. A really nice touch and took me back to the days of looking through piles of Games Master magazines.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer Lovin'

Still working away. New patch out today with some saves and stuff.

Fixes Animal & Hawk issues
Translates the "Save/Overwrite/Delete" text in Edit mode

Complete - I consider this the Official save for my patch. It's OCD and it's my main one. For those not in the know, this save features every wrestler from FPA, FFPW, FP2 and a couple of others. My pride and joy.

Update 2010 - Moves everyone to the correct promotion for 2010

World of Sport - A "Work in progress". It contains some wrestlers from the golden era of British wrestling.

SF - Street Fighter. Some have moves, logic etc. but some are just appearances.

Odds - Almost everything I've created that doesn't fall in the above categories and that I can recall. Some include logic, moves etc. but some are just appearance.

I do have one more save I'm working on based on my small collection of Marvel stuff. I've not been doing much edit stuff recently but this is one I'm aiming for.

All this and more is available HERE! It's also on FPC too if you have an account.

I'm working on the dregs of the translation stuff as well as Dojo mode. If anyone has any suggestions for anything, PLEASE let me know whilst I'm motivated!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer Workshop

Hi all,

Today I've finished a couple of bits and also started working on some new ones too.

First off, today I've finished a save I've decided to call "Odds". The save features edits from previous saves on my Fire Pro Wrestling 1 stuff too. I've not made any progress with my Street Fighter save so I've decided to release that next time I upload anything.

I'm also back to FFPW editing. I've found a couple of sloppy bits and stuff I can improve, so I'm looking in to what I can do. So far I've fixed a couple of the default rosters. For some reasons Khali and KENSO were appearing in a promotion beyond LEGEND and Christopher Daniels was in TNA. I've now moved them back to the default promotions. I've also looking at the Animal/Hawk issue Psapas bought up a couple of weeks ago.

Another addition, I'm fixing various graphics I've imported and edited as well as looking to have a version 1.0 of the logo patch done within the next few weeks.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Save from Psapas

I'm posting this one for Psapas. Thank you very much for the saves, some nice edits for FPW1, 2 and Final. Thank you for the support!


Sunday, 10 July 2011

TigerMask's Game Review Vol. 1

I'm feeling a bit typie today so I'm going to pop down some thoughts and shares for various games I am playing. I'm not playing new stuff so don't hold out for any cutting edge commentary or opinion on the games of today.

Super Scribblenauts (DS)
I feel this game has ignored because people were disappointed with the first in the series. If anyone played Scribblenauts, the control system was a bit of a pain. That was about it.

For those that didn't play, you have a character with a notebook that allows you to spawn any item (Within certain rules) to use to solve a problem and get a star. Super Scribblenauts allows the use of adjectives and brings in two control methods for the player (Touch screen or D-Pad)

I've enjoyed playing it, my first biggest laugh was on the playground screen. Essentially you have a level with no goals or aims that you can mess about in. I spent ages throwing "Sentient Cabbage" at "Stinky Baby" or concocting some kind of torture death with a man held up by rope whilst I slowly lowered him in to a pit of zombies. Fun times.

And if you want to continue to be a dick, the game lets you. On one level I was asked "What wiped out the dinosaurs?" to which I hurled a molotov cocktail at them (Of course I didn't read the level rule that said no weapons :P)

Anyone with a DS should play this.

The World Ends With You (DS)
I have been a big fan of JRPG's for years, probably starting like almost everyone who says that with Final Fantasy 7. TWEWY is a JRPG action RPG based in modern day Shibuya, implementing ideas from various games before. The hardest to grasp aspect of the game is the dual-screen fights (Top screen is controller by Left & Right whilst the bottom uses an array of input methods).

The equipment systems gets you wearing branded clothing and promoting each brand by wearing them, thus increasing the popularity and effectiveness. There is also a badge system, each badge has a power and you use them in the touch screen aspect of fights.

My biggest gripe about the game, like with any JRPG, is the tripe you have to read through to get to the fun stuff. This probably won't sound like the "Thumbs up" I intend it to sound like but the best part of the game is when you finish it. You not only get the option to travel back to previous days or missions but you also get a fast-forward button to skip the awful dialogue.

But despite the story, this game is very fun. Creating an unbeatable character by dressing them in women's clothes and eating Ramen makes it work trying to max out your Bravery.

Only 17 years late to the party but hay. Again, I've followed Doom since I first played it in 1995 and have rebought it for various different consoles since then. At the moment, I'm currently playing it on the DS via the homebrew emulator. All you need is a DS, flash card and a copy of whichever Doom you want to play. At the moment I've got Ultimate, 2, Final (PS1 Version) and WolfenDoom (Wolf 3D, SoD).

It's not until you go back to it and look, that you realise how awesome it was.

You've got a lot to learn before you beat me....

Still on the Street Fighter theme, I've uploaded some screen shots to my Photobucket. Now Street Fighter has been done to death but I don't think there has been quite so a complete roster on the GBA versions. I listed the lot before on my previous post but here are a few screens of my favourites:

Quite happy with this one...

Sodom was a bit of a pain and I'd still like to make some changes.

I thought I'd made a perfect Sagat a few years ago but I much prefer this one.

FPR made him easy but he's still a bitch to do on portables. I think I'm close though.

Obviously the main character of this save. I will try to get him so eyes.

These are my favourite edits so far but I have some downright stinkers such as Sakura, Guile and various others. Anyway, work in progress, right?

Monday, 27 June 2011

Saving Room....

Haha! Word play...

Anyway I'm working through all my various odds and ends to create several save files.

Odds and Ends
Norio Honaga
Brock Lesnar
Enson Inoue
Chris Dolman
Manabu Yamada
Maurice Smith
The Destroyer
Yuko Miyato
Dick Vrij
Jeff Jarrett
Daniel Bryan
Ryuma Go
Carlito Cool
Danshoku Dino
Billy Graham
The Crow
Owen Hart
Blue Blazer
Tigers Mask
Wataru Inoue
Brutus Beefcake
Giant Bernard
Jim Neidhart
Fit Finlay
Andy Kaufman
Mohammed Ali

Marvel (Work in progress)
Mad Thinker

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Super Final Fire Pro Wrestling

Well, I settled for calling it "Complete". What it is, is a save that contains every wrestler from FFPW, FPW2, FPWA, FPW WS and a selection of the Official Spike Edits. I've now completed all of the edits 100%. I may change some of the rosters and will include this in upcoming releases. Any, without further a-do:

Ultimate Warrior
2 Cold Scorpio
Black Buffalo
Kuniaki Kobayashi
Katsumi Usuda
Dan Severn
Super Tiger
Kyoko Inoue
Shane McMahon
Stacy Keibler
Tris Stratus
Rocky Balboa
Kaz Hayashi
Minoru Fujita
Masaaki Satake
Andy Hug
Rumina Saito
Kazuhiro Kiyohara
Brian Johnston
Tommy Dreamer
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Hans Nyman
Guy Mezger
Susumu Yokosuka
Seiji Sakaguchi
Ashura Hara
Dusty Rhodes
Fritz Von Erich
Harley Race
Jimmy Snuka
Rick Rude
Ted Dibiase
Guts Ishimatsu
Terrible Ted

If anyone has been following, it's essentially the portable and official save with a few changes. I'm also working on the Street Fighter save still. So far I have:

Cammy White
E. Honda
Fei Long
Ken Masters
M. Bison
T. Hawk
Charlie Nash
Cody Travers (Final Fight attire, CURSE YOU STRIPES!)
Dan Hibiki
Karin Kanzuki
R. Mika
Rolento F. Schugreg
Sakura Kasugano
Darun Mister
El Fuerte
Mike Haggar
Hugo Andore

Leaving two spaces left. I have ideas but I'll take suggestions. The first 3 characters posted in the comments will be included in the save.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

FFPW - Rename List

There was some confusion about the real names of various wrestlers. Thanks to AndreTheShadow (Original guide), Jason Blackhart, Cactusj00 and Davey.

Riki Chosu - Unlock through a special event whilst playing Management of the Rings as NJPW
Masa Saito  - Unlock through a special event whilst playing Management of the Rings as NJPW
Kazuo Yamakazi  - Unlock through a special event whilst playing Management of the Rings as NJPW
Kengo Kimura  - Unlock through a special event whilst playing Management of the Rings as NJPW
Junji Hirata - Found by scouting in MOR
Osamu Kido   - Unlock through a special event whilst playing Management of the Rings as NJPW
Kenzo Suzuki  - Found by scouting in MOR
Hiroshi Tanahashi - Found by scouting in MOR
Dick Murdoch  - Found by scouting in MOR
Salman Hashimikov  - Found by scouting in MOR
Koutetsu Yamamoto - Complete Dojo Mode
Tiger Mask I/Satoru Sayama  - Found by scouting in MOR
Masayuki Naruse  - Found by scouting in MOR

Giant Silva/Paulo Silva - Found by scouting in MOR
Great Khali - Found by scouting in MOR

Giant Baba - Unlocked by playing Management of the Ring as AJPW
Jumbo Tsuruta - Unlock by playing Management of the Ring as ??? (I think NOAH)
Hiroshi Wajima - Found by scouting in MOR
Stan Hansen - Found by scouting in MOR
The Sheik - Found by scouting in MOR
Terry Gordy - Found by scouting in MOR
Gary Albright  - Found by scouting in MOR
Giant Kimala/Ben Peacock  - Found by scouting in MOR

Takashi Suguira - Found by scouting in MOR
Mike Modest - Found by scouting in MOR

Tom Howard - Unlock by scouting in MOR

Antonio Inoki - Unlocked by playing MOR as UFO

Mammoth Sasaki - Unlock by scouting in MOR

Ultimo Dragon - Play MOR as DragonGate

Ric Flair - Play MOR as WCW
Shawn Michaels - Play MOR as WWE
Mick Foley - Play MOR as WWE
William Regal - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Bubba Ray Dudley  - Unlock by scouting in MOR
D'Von Dudley  - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Dynamite Kid - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Yoshihiro Tajiri - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Stacy Keibler  - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Trish Stratus - Unlock by scouting in MOR
*Edge - Unlock by scouting in MOR

Bill Goldberg - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Great Muta - Unlock by scouting in MOR

Mil Mascaras - Play as AAA in MOR
Alberto Del Rio - Unlock by scouting in MOR

Akira Maeda - Play MOR as RINGS

Masakatsu Funaki - Play MOR as Pancrase

Rickson Gracie - Random challenge in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
Aleksandr Karelin - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Roland Bock - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Ernesto Hoost - Beat K1 in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
Peter Aerts  - Beat K1 in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
Mirko Filipovic  - Beat K1 in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
Jerome LeBanner  - Beat K1 in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
Fracisco Filho  - Beat K1 in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
Royce Gracie  - Random challenge in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
Renzo Gracie  - Random challenge in MOR when playing as a Stoic promotion
*Enson Inoue - Unlock by scouting in MOR

Atsushi Onita - Play MOR as FMW
Koji Kitao - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Osamu Kawahara - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Leatherface - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Nightmare Freddy  - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Takehiro Murahama  - Unlock by scouting in MOR

Rikidozan - Unlock by beating LEGEND in MOR
Karl Gotch - Unlock by beating LEGEND in MOR
Lou Thesz - Unlock by beating LEGEND in MOR
Killer Kahn - Unlock by scouting in MOR
Bruiser Brody - Unlock by beating LEGEND in MOR
Andre The Giant - Unlock by beating LEGEND in MOR
Bruce Lee - Random challenge in MOR
Mas Oyama  - Random challenge in MOR
Guts Ishimatsu  - Random challenge in MOR
*Mohammed Ali - Random challenge in MOR
Nankairyu Taro  - Random challenge in MOR
Ryoko Tamura  - Random challenge in MOR
Everett Eddie  - Random challenge in MOR
Chuck Norris  - Random challenge in MOR
Raja Lion  - Random challenge in MOR
Kazuyoshi Kiyohara  - Random challenge in MOR
*Andy Kaufman - Random challenge in MOR

* Available my FFPW patch

To unlock various unlockable wrestlers you need to meet certain criteria:

Scouting - Look for specific styles in specific regions to unlock.

Promotion-Specific - Meet specific criteria for each promotion to unlock the promotion exclusive

Random Challenge - Only happens when you're number 1 overall promotion

Gracie Family - Same as Random Challenge but should also be an MMA promotion

K-1 VS - Same as Gracie Family

LEGEND - Same as K-1 except you must be running any other style