Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Moving on...

I'm enjoying these puns. Anyway...

I'm currently updating move sets for the patch. Inoki, KENSO and Ultimo Dragon are amongst those to have their moves sorted. I'm also help out with cactusj00's (AWESOME) WWE vs TNA. I won't divulge any details... If you've not seen it yet LOOK HERE! You would be one crazy fool not to give it a go. Senior j00 has put a lot of time and effort in.

I'm TOTALLY in to Retro Game Challenge on the NDS at the moment. Basically, the Game Master Arino has sent you in to the past to complete retro game challenges with him as a child (Bizarre!). The retro games are all loosely based on real games from the 80's. You also get a GameFan magazine every few challenges that has cheats and hints. A really nice touch and took me back to the days of looking through piles of Games Master magazines.

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