Sunday, 7 August 2011

Onwards and Upwards

I'm working on the default move sets and logic for FFPW. I've noticed that a lot of wrestlers have incorrect finishers. In some cases I can swap a special for a finish and vice versa, in others, I'm developing new move sets with logic. The likes of Inoki have had a tweaking whilst the "rookies" of that day have had a complete overhaul. It's a fun project and I'm hoping to have some stuff out soon.
I'm also updating the translation, I'm basing a lot of stuff on FPR for two reasons:
  • FPR is the most recent
  • Most FP'ers play R and it will be useful if there is parity
I am also doing some localisation (Side note, I like how "Localisation" would be localised from US to UK :P) mostly changing "Brainbuster" to "Suplex".

Just damaged my knee with a poor moonsault. Hopefully nothing huge but I can't put much weight on it. Maybe a trip to the Dr? Also, drove my opponent to A&E after his manager turned on him and split him open with a steel chair. Who said kayfabe was dead?

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