Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Updating the Crew (Part 2)

Officially 20% of the way through. I've been working methodically, promotion by promotion, the get them updated. If anyone is interested in my goals:

  • Each wrestler will be completely updated
  • If the wrestler is active, their first attire will be their most recent followed by other their bigger gimmicks or looks for the remaining attires
  • If the wrestler is inactive, their first attire will be their most recognisable (e.g. Hogan in trunks) with other costumes left for his other gimmicks
  • Each wrestler will be updated in MOR
  • Rosters in MOR and Exhibition will stay the same
Also a few translation changes have been made.

I've also drawn up a WWE vs WCW MOR. If anyone wants to have a look and suggest changes or champions, please do. Download the XLS file here!

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