Sunday, 10 July 2011

TigerMask's Game Review Vol. 1

I'm feeling a bit typie today so I'm going to pop down some thoughts and shares for various games I am playing. I'm not playing new stuff so don't hold out for any cutting edge commentary or opinion on the games of today.

Super Scribblenauts (DS)
I feel this game has ignored because people were disappointed with the first in the series. If anyone played Scribblenauts, the control system was a bit of a pain. That was about it.

For those that didn't play, you have a character with a notebook that allows you to spawn any item (Within certain rules) to use to solve a problem and get a star. Super Scribblenauts allows the use of adjectives and brings in two control methods for the player (Touch screen or D-Pad)

I've enjoyed playing it, my first biggest laugh was on the playground screen. Essentially you have a level with no goals or aims that you can mess about in. I spent ages throwing "Sentient Cabbage" at "Stinky Baby" or concocting some kind of torture death with a man held up by rope whilst I slowly lowered him in to a pit of zombies. Fun times.

And if you want to continue to be a dick, the game lets you. On one level I was asked "What wiped out the dinosaurs?" to which I hurled a molotov cocktail at them (Of course I didn't read the level rule that said no weapons :P)

Anyone with a DS should play this.

The World Ends With You (DS)
I have been a big fan of JRPG's for years, probably starting like almost everyone who says that with Final Fantasy 7. TWEWY is a JRPG action RPG based in modern day Shibuya, implementing ideas from various games before. The hardest to grasp aspect of the game is the dual-screen fights (Top screen is controller by Left & Right whilst the bottom uses an array of input methods).

The equipment systems gets you wearing branded clothing and promoting each brand by wearing them, thus increasing the popularity and effectiveness. There is also a badge system, each badge has a power and you use them in the touch screen aspect of fights.

My biggest gripe about the game, like with any JRPG, is the tripe you have to read through to get to the fun stuff. This probably won't sound like the "Thumbs up" I intend it to sound like but the best part of the game is when you finish it. You not only get the option to travel back to previous days or missions but you also get a fast-forward button to skip the awful dialogue.

But despite the story, this game is very fun. Creating an unbeatable character by dressing them in women's clothes and eating Ramen makes it work trying to max out your Bravery.

Only 17 years late to the party but hay. Again, I've followed Doom since I first played it in 1995 and have rebought it for various different consoles since then. At the moment, I'm currently playing it on the DS via the homebrew emulator. All you need is a DS, flash card and a copy of whichever Doom you want to play. At the moment I've got Ultimate, 2, Final (PS1 Version) and WolfenDoom (Wolf 3D, SoD).

It's not until you go back to it and look, that you realise how awesome it was.

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