Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer Lovin'

Still working away. New patch out today with some saves and stuff.

Fixes Animal & Hawk issues
Translates the "Save/Overwrite/Delete" text in Edit mode

Complete - I consider this the Official save for my patch. It's OCD and it's my main one. For those not in the know, this save features every wrestler from FPA, FFPW, FP2 and a couple of others. My pride and joy.

Update 2010 - Moves everyone to the correct promotion for 2010

World of Sport - A "Work in progress". It contains some wrestlers from the golden era of British wrestling.

SF - Street Fighter. Some have moves, logic etc. but some are just appearances.

Odds - Almost everything I've created that doesn't fall in the above categories and that I can recall. Some include logic, moves etc. but some are just appearance.

I do have one more save I'm working on based on my small collection of Marvel stuff. I've not been doing much edit stuff recently but this is one I'm aiming for.

All this and more is available HERE! It's also on FPC too if you have an account.

I'm working on the dregs of the translation stuff as well as Dojo mode. If anyone has any suggestions for anything, PLEASE let me know whilst I'm motivated!

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