Sunday, 10 July 2011

You've got a lot to learn before you beat me....

Still on the Street Fighter theme, I've uploaded some screen shots to my Photobucket. Now Street Fighter has been done to death but I don't think there has been quite so a complete roster on the GBA versions. I listed the lot before on my previous post but here are a few screens of my favourites:

Quite happy with this one...

Sodom was a bit of a pain and I'd still like to make some changes.

I thought I'd made a perfect Sagat a few years ago but I much prefer this one.

FPR made him easy but he's still a bitch to do on portables. I think I'm close though.

Obviously the main character of this save. I will try to get him so eyes.

These are my favourite edits so far but I have some downright stinkers such as Sakura, Guile and various others. Anyway, work in progress, right?

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