Tuesday, 1 November 2011

25th October 2011 Update

Hi all,

Just a link to my most recent patch and save. Please let me know if there are any suggestions, recommendations or questions.

All the best,


FFPW Patch - 25/10/2011


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  2. (forgot one item... deleted previous post)

    I just discovered your English patch a couple days ago (my attempt at playing Japanese import... didn't work out). Honestly, it has done nothing short of completely renew my interest in wrestling games. Twitch gaming does nothing for me, Total Extreme Warfare feels more like work than fun, and WWE games GM/Universe mode is too insubstantial. "Management of the Ring" is basically all I want in a game. THANKS! A couple questions (if you have time)...

    1-On "FAME" (for wrestlers and federations) there is this A/S/A/B type rating. I assume that is popularity in different regions, but what is the order of regions? Also, is it standard "school letter grades" (A=BEST, B=GOOD, etc.)? If so, what does "S" stand for?

    2-The body parts' colors on the wrestler select screen correspond to injury level, correct?

    3-The "Present/Max" ratio that appears after you've run a card... what does it mean?

    4-On some vids online, I see a much more current WWE than the one I'm getting (Punk, the brand split, etc.). I have Del Rio and such, but that's about it. Do I need to scout to find those other characters? Did I do something wrong with the save file? Are these edits I have to add myself?

    5-Where should the "main event" on a card go? 1st Match or 5th Match (wasn't sure if there was some sort of counter-intuitive logic going on or something).

    Thanks again- your work has made me incredibly happy!

  3. Hi BHB007,

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and the patch. FFPW is much better than TEW because even without MOR you still have the awesome Fire Pro engine for matches/simming. Anyway, questions wise:

    1 – Fame is as follows (Japan/USA/Mexico/Europe) and anything else that has a similar set out, that’s the way it works. A is best to about D or E I think. S is the “Special” grade that very few wrestlers start off with. It tends to be reserved for Legends, you can attain it in MOR simply by pushing a wrestler.

    2 – That’s spot on. I’m colour-blind but I think the scale is something like:
    Green = Fine
    Orange = Weak
    Red = Injured
    Yellow = Old Injury

    Or something to that extent anyway.

    3 – The “Present/Max” rating refers to the attandees or punters that come to watch the show. Present is for the number there and Max is the maximum that arena can hold.

    4 – Cactusj00 is the man behind all of the WWE/TNA roster updates. He puts a lot of time and effort in to them and is awesome at it. He the default wrestlers with the new ones. Your best bet of getting a copy is to contact him through the FPC or through his YouTube account.

    In terms of people I’ve added/changed:

    Shane McMahon – Replaced with Brock Lesnar
    Stacy Keibler - Replaced with Enson Inoue
    Trish Stratus – Replaced with Edge
    Kazuhiro Kiyohara – Replaced with Andy Kaufman

    Dos Caras Jr – Now has Del Rio gimmick
    Black Tiger 3 – Now Silver King
    Curry Man – Now Christopher Daniels

    There are also a few other wrestlers with alternate attires relating to other gimmicks but you’ll have to search to see what I’ve included.

    5 – The main event is at the bottom of the booking screen (Match 5).

    Just let me know if you have any other questions :D