Friday, 23 December 2011

Robin Sparrow

Just watched 23. Why would you call your son "Robin Sparrow"? Also, I've written a similar book about Fire Pro, it lists every error in my translation since I started. My error messages and doodles of me as a cowboy haven't got me locked away but I do like to hide this book...

I'm working on two saves, I've changed the Complete Portable one so that it only has A, 2 and WS wrestlers in. I've also created the appearances for every Official Spike edit for FPD, I'm working through logic and the rest. I also mucked about with other things. I made a few Marvel, He-man and Street Fighter edits. Nothing I like but I've managed to make stuff I've not before. I made an awesome Hordak and an all right Spiderman, considering the restrictions of Edit Mode in FFPW.

I'm playing Management of the Ring once again as my own promotion. I'm running SWA as a hardcore promotion, the roster is essentially I hybrid of FMW and ECW circa the mid 90's. I stole Foley and Awesome from WWE and also hi-jacked the TNA title. My only problem is that I keep getting hassled by K-1 for a versus show, I know they will hammer me! 

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  1. hey dude, was looking for your Final Fire Pro english patch, was hoping you could send me a link for it. thanks man.