Saturday, 14 July 2012

Final Fire Pro Wrestling - SNES & Turbo Grafix

I've slowly been making progress. I'm part way through the collection of FP1 - 3 and SNES games. So far the roster stands at:

Bad New Allen
Billy GAsper
Barry Gasper
Ultimate Warrior
Super Tiger
The Destroyer
Dick Vrij
Hercules Hernandez
Kuniaki Kobayashi
Ted DiBiase
Ashura Hara
Rick Rude
Chris Dolman
Yuko Miyato
Dusty Rhodes
Masaaki Satake
Andy Hug
Fritz Von Erich
Norio Honaga
Maurice Smith

There are more to come of course but the progress has been a little slow of late. I will hopefully have this one finished pretty soon, which will mean the portable, official edits and pre-6MS will be done.

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