Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Final Fire Pro Wrestling on the Android?

I'm back on the Final Fire Pro train and it's running on Burning Spirit!

If you're not up on what's down then let me bring you up to speed:
Game Patch - It does everything from translation, costume updates, roster changes etc. Plus it comes with a save :) Big props to my peeps on FPC; cactusj00, JasonBlackhart and Davey.

Logo Patch - The dunce that I am failed to upload it when I released it so I have released for proper (It gave me time to test and fix it though) with 18 logos changed. More to come... Again couldn't have done with with out cactusj00, Davey and JB.

Anyway, what I'm on to at the minute is the Android OS. I finally decided to step in to the present (-ish) and upgrade to an HTC Wildfire. Granted it's a little dated already but I'm not paying over £20 for a contract.

I've been getting to grips with the app Market Place and have made some interesting discoveries. So without further a'do, here is a brief review of one of the apps I've been using to play and edit Final Fire Pro!

Gameboid Lite
My first rule on using Android apps is don't pay for them unless they're amazing. Gameboid does offer a full version £3.07. But for the time being I'm going to stick to the free version.
First of all you will need the GBA BIOS, a back-up of Final Fire Pro Wrestling and a copy of my newest patch [/Cheap Plug].
Once the lot is set up on your device you need to get playing. The emulator supports saves (Not checked which format) which is ideal especially if you're planning on making a save whilst on the go.
The game runs at a reasonable speed if you switch the sound off (Although sound is emulated quite well) and ensure you've shut down everything else that's running.
Navigating the menus works well. On the other hand, matches are a struggle. My first match was an Wanderlei Silva VS Yoji Anjo which would normally be a squash, unfortunately it wasn't. I struggled to time any grapple moves, hit the occasional strike and the A+B strikes were near impossible to execute let alone connect.
I think this option is probably the best for simming, Management of the Ring or creating edits on the go. Matches are difficult but possible wit practice.

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  1. Use a bluetooth controller. A ps3 controller will work with android 2.0+ its great for any of the _oid emulators