Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Well I'm in work over half-term. Mostly marking however that does include thoroughly playing games students have made in XNA so it could be worse.

The arrow keys on my laptop are dead so I've not made much progress with FFPW updates. I'm currently sitting on a new patch and fix for the save too so they'll be up soon.

I'm still on my MOR play through as RINGS. The roster is very much the same with one addition of Misawa, whom has bumped up my popularity in Japan and given some decent simmed and played matches. I'm also doing a little play testing too with typos and the likes.

I'm about to start work on some additional logos. I think I can improve the IGF logo but I'm still struggling with the GAEA one. I'll upload some screen shots when I've got some stuff done.


  1. Hey TigerMask do you know why the Fire Pro Club isnt allowing registers...I would really like to join.

  2. There's an error that prevents new users to join and it should be fixed soon. I'm posting a link to my newest stuff on the next blog which will be up in about 20 minutes or so.