Friday, 3 June 2011

(Late) Spring Cleaning

I decided it was time to clear up my Fire Pro folders. For the record they contain:

103 IPS Patches
13 Saves
30 Logo images
238MB altogether (Not including my PS2 stuff and screenshots)

Anyway, I updated the patch and uploaded it to the FPC and SendSpace:

Download the newest FFPW Patch

This will not doubt expire in a couple of months so please let me know. I've also thrown the logo patch in there as it's only hosted at FPC at the moment.

The update includes a couple of fixes to MOR translations, a name changes in and a few edits replaced. It also contains an extra IPS in case you only want the translation.

I'm going through all my old saves and edits, I'll hopefully have a few save packs up soon.

I'd also like to share this:

Misawa during his run as RINGS, UFC and NJPW heavyweight champion.


  1. Thanks a lot for doing this for us :) I am very enjoyed and happy with the patch you made :) I edited my save as well.

    I could not registered in FPC forum so I could not download anything you posted in there. So, I am so glad you made the link for download here.

    I have my save for FPA, FP2 and FFP (edit from yours). I tried to made everything accurate as possible. Wold like to share to someone as well but don't know how, could I send the saves to you via email? Just would like to share to you as well buddy. I love FP game, but mostly just play with my DS.

    In FFP there is one error for the Road Warrior, Hawk and Animal move list should be replaced by each other. If you fix this then the game is perfect. Actually don't need because if the player want to to they can edit it by themselves, but I just would like to give feedback to you in case you want to make it perfect buddy.

    Thanks a lot once again. I am puroresu and wrestling fans. So I love FP very much. I appreciate your hard work. the Logo you made and all translation are so nice ^___^

  2. Please e-mail me anything. I'll host it and share it with everyone if you would like. My e-mail is