Saturday, 23 June 2012

Project FFP Complete - Portable

Well I've talked about this previously and have released parts of it, but I've decided this will be one of my main focuses in terms of Fire Pro over the next few months/years. To bring your all to speed:

I want to create every single wrestler ever to appear in a Fire Pro Wrestling game.

The first download is available here!

This will be quite a big task and the project will be made of several saves, each representing a certain game or platform of Fire Pro. I'm still in the planning stages but I do have quite a few hundred edits completed so far, I just need to organise them. Here's an outline of what I want to do and I'll post roster lists as I start working on the save:

Missing wrestling from FPR&Z that were in the NJPW, Team 2000, Zero-One, Pancrase and MMA rosters.

PS2 - AJPW, NOAH & Osaka Pro
Missing wrestling from FPR&Z that were in the AJPW, NOAH and Osaka Pro rosters.

PS2 - Michinoku, DragonGate & Joshi
Missing wrestling from FPR&Z that were in the Michinoku, DragonGate, AAA and Joshi rosters.

PS2 - Free
Missing wrestling from FPR&Z that were in the America, Free, BJPW and FMW rosters.

Missing wrestling from Fire Pro 1/A, 2 and WonderSwan

Missing wrestling from Fire Pro D

FPD - Official Edits
The official edits for Fire Pro D

Missing wrestlers from FPG and 6MS

Missing wrestlers from Queens Special

Missing wrestlers from SNES FP games.

So quite a task ahead but something I've wanted to do for ages.

Anyway, I feel I have a reputation of promising things that never appear so I'm also giving out the first complete save today too; Fire Pro Portable. This contains:

New Japan Pro Wrestling
Brian Johnston
Kuniaki Kobayashi

Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling
Kyoko Inoue

Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Minoru Fujita

World Wrestling Entertainment
Brock Lesnar
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Tommy Dreamer

World Championship Wrestling
Kaz Hayashi

Fighting Network RINGS
Hans Nyman
Katsumi Usuda

Pancrase Hybrid Fighting
Guy Mezger

Mixed Martial Arts
Andy Hug
Dan Severn
Enson Inoue
Masaaki Satake
Rumina Saito

Free Agents
Dusty Rhodes
Ted Dibiase
Ultimate Warrior

Fritz Von Erich
Harley Race
Jimmy Snuka
Rick Rude
Rocky Balboa
Super Tiger
Terrible Ted

You can download the first save here!

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  1. Do you have a valid link for this save? The one posted has expired. Also, how do I get this save into the game? Do I use the patching software like I did for your translations and such? Thanks for your hard work, I've been entertained for hundreds of hours because of you. Awesome work.