Monday, 4 June 2012

New Logos and Additional Name Fixes

Happy Spring Bank Holiday!

A couple of updates on both patches

Translation - 04.06.2012
A few minor name changes and fixes for the Fire Pro names. Nothing exciting but should tidy the whole lot up a bit more.

Full Patch - 04.06.2012
I've replaced the logos for WPA and AWG with their counterparts from Fire Pro Wrestling A (WFW and WWC). Have a look!

I've also included a "WFW & WWC" patch that will just change the logos in case you want to use it with the translation patch. If you're doing this just remember to apply the translation patch and then the logo one.

Coming Soon...
Currently I have a few costumes and recolours to work on. I should have more stuff up soon!


  1. Hi, I've been trying out this patch on FFP and I have to say I enjoy it very much after all my years of playing the game. However, I'm wanting to use the unlock all wrestlers code and for some reason it isn't working. I'm positive I've got the right characters but I'm wondering if you changed something with the cheat code when you translated everything else?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Yep I translated the password because I was having to enter it quite often, plus it's a little more accessible. The code is:

      Nickname: UNLOCK
      First Name: MY
      Second Name: GAME
      Exchange: Off
      Middle: []

      This should give the confirmation message of:
      as a wrestler name.