Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Final Fire Pro Complete - Change of direction

I've spent the last few days thinking about this project. I make a save for every game/group of games and I have Super Tiger crop up in most of them I've put together. Why? So I'm consistent? So I have every wrestler from that group on one save? 

Well my change in direction is having a save per style or promotion. The reasons:

  • Fewer save packs if I stick multiple style/promotions together
  • No repetitiveness in saves e.g. Super Tiger, Enson Inoue cropping up in every save
  • More freedom for extras.
Today I've been reorgnaising the MMA/Worked MMA save. I've completed most of them from the PCe games right through to 6MS and G. I've also thrown in a few extras from various places:

  1. Super Tiger
  2. Dick Vrij
  3. Chris Dolman
  4. Yuko Miyato
  5. Masaaki Satake
  6. Andy Hug
  7. Maurice Smith
  8. Manabu Yamada
  9. Randy Couture
  10. Valentijn Overeem
  11. Akira Shoji
  12. Caol Uno
  13. Katsumi Usuda
  14. Dan Severn
  15. Enson Inoue
  16. Rumina Sato
  17. Brian Johnston
  18. Hans Nymnas
  19. Guy Mezger
  20. Kenichi Yamamoto
  21. Tony Halme
  22. Mike Bernardo
  23. Takeshi Ono
  24. Brock Lesnar (MMA)
  25. Wataru Sakata
  26. Hidehiko Yoshida
  27. Bob Sapp
  28. Ryushi Yanagisawa*
  29. Katsuyori Shibata*
  30. Matt Ghaffari
  31. Dan Bobbish*
  32. Fedor Emelienen*
  33. Kevin Randleman*
  34. Quinton Jackson*
  35. Musashi*
  36. Katsuhiko Ogasawara*
  37. Willie Williams
  38. Tatsuo Nakano
  39. Rocky Balboa
  40. Batman
  41. Robin
  42. Terrible Ted
* To Complete

So that is MMA-style fighters from PCe, SNES, FPG, 6MS, FPD, Official Edit, FPZ and FPR, plus some of the default wrestlers from SFPWS&X giving a total of 42. I've also added in Brock Lesnar from a previous save I created. I'm off work for the next few weeks now, so I'm hoping to have this save finished soon and some others up ASAP.

Thank you too for the congratulatory comment last post :)


  1. Is there anyway to contact cactusj00? Thanks.

    1. Hi CJ1,

      He uses and I think he posts on but not sure.


  2. Can't get hold of him.. Are there any other saves?