Sunday, 17 January 2016

WIP - An update!

After re-reading my post I'm a little sad to realise my Tamagotchi-style app never made it past concept art, pseudo-code and flowcharts. I might visit that idea again one day but for now I'm focusing on Final Fire Pro Wrestling. Although I'd pretty much drawn a line under it, there is room for improvement, which is the theme of the next few posts on here.

I've been working through the roster and am currently read every move name in edit mode to give better translations or more accurate names. I'd been trying to get names as close to the FPW2 translation as possible but I realised that was a mistake as BAM! were calling a suplex and brainbuster, although this is a more direct translation of what the Japanese game says, it's a localisation thing. I'm also renaming trademark moves here and there to fit in better with their real-life counter parts. 

Support from others on the project has always been very important to me and I know without Cactus I never would have attempted half of the things I did, probably giving up a lot sooner. So my next ask is, I'm looking for people to help out. Proof-readers are great, otherwise I'll have to spend hours playing FFPW myself (Oh no!). Due to the random probability of MOR mode, multiple people playing will be a greater help than me playing over and over.

I'm also looking for edit makers that are able to help me refresh and improve the exisiting roster. I did give the original roster a big update using stats, logic, move sets and appearances from FPR, however I know there are far more refined versions of these guys out there. All you'd need to do is create the edit in the game and send me a copy of the .SAV file, I'll do the rather tedious copying and pasting. There is one rule with appearances, you must use the default colours (Push A on the Color set menu), and include the colour set numbers with whatever you send me. 

If anyone wants to help with the appearances, my only real rule with the costumes I use:
If active: Costume 1 - Current, Costume 2 and 3 - No longer used, Costume 4 - Something odd
If inactive: Costume 1 - Iconic/recognisable look, Costumer 2 and 3 - Alternative looks and gimmicks, Costume 4 - Something odd. 
Costume 4 use to be, costume 1 with a shirt on which I felt was a bit lame. So that's why you might find more masked gimmicks or odd looks. Costume 1 is outdated for most guys that were active between 2009 and present day, but the retired and deceased costumes won't need changing.

I'm not going to set a release date for anything but I'm aiming on focusing on the non-MOR text first and then wrestler updating. I'll also be updating MOR with play-throughs as well as a bit of save making. No promises on what saves, I'll make what I make but am open to requests for save packs (All though I make no guarantee I'll make them).

I'll be checking FPWArena, this blog and my e-mails far more frequently if you want to get in touch. So please drop me a line even if it's just to let me know what you think.



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