Saturday, 21 June 2014

New project and stuff...

Hello all (All one person reading this... Am I right?). I've just started out a new project following along the lines of my passion for wrestling, I'm hoping to have more details to share soon but there's not much at the moment. I'm working in Stencyl and I'm not sure whether this will see light of day on Newgrounds or maybe Android. It's not your typical wrestling game, you'll mostly be in a management position in a similar strain to Management of the Ring from FFPW. The game is going to focus on how you manage your wrestler and what choices you make impact on their career.

Speaking of MOR, I've finally rooted my PSP and have Final Fire Pro on it. I'm not planning anything other than a bit of fun but if anything interesting comes of it, I'll be sure to share. I've also setup a rather extensive Doom compendium cover Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, No Rest for the Living, Final Doom and Master Levels of Doom 2 all on my PSP, chuck in Final Fantasy 7 and the 14 year old me would totally lose his shit!

I'm still playing my 3DS almost religiously. My top picks for the moment?

Monster Hunter Ultimate 3
Luckily I hadn't registered my 3DS on Club Nintendo and NoE just so happened to be running the "Hunt with a Friend" promotion, so I bought a code online. almost a year later and I've made a start on it. It's really good fun and I'm a bit shocked it's not pushing the 3DS sales. Huge environments and an excellent level of depth to it. I would give this a total recommendation making owning a 3DS worthwhile on it's own.

Tomodachi Life
Go back to 2009 and I was on holiday in Tokyo. Around this time there were adverts aplenty for Tomodachi Collection. Fast-forward to present and I've now got the UK version for 3DS. I've made quite a community featuring my favourite wrestlers, actors, the cast of my name is earl and the odd comedian.
High Points

  • Randy from My Name is Earl singing "Time After Time"
  • Patrick Stewart doing a freaky dance after drinking protein shake
  • Walter White in a rap battle with Anthony Hopkins
Low Points
  • I've got a prison cell for Anthony Hopkins but no prison clothes or Dr Lecter mask
  • Thor won't pair off with Lady Sif. It just wasn't meant to be

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  1. Where can I get the most recent version of your FFPW patch?